Kosala Buddhist Center

Meditation In Chapel Hill

2018 Fall Retreat – Vajrasattva: Purifying Negativity and Bad Habits

When:  Friday, October 19 – Sunday, October 21, 2018

Where:  At the North Carolina Zen Center, Pittsboro, NC

With Western Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Tilopa

Hosted by the Sangha of Kosala Buddhist Center

We may find difficulties in our lives and practice because we are burdened by our past habits and negativity.  Vajrasattva practice is specifically designed to remove the obstacles preventing us from unlocking our own inner peace and enjoyment of life.  In this silent two-day retreat, we will be given instructions for these meditations and have the opportunity to put them into practice.  Our resident teacher, Gen Tilopa, will lead the retreat and bring his significant insights from his long tutelage with Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the renowned Buddhist scholar and meditation master and founder of the New Kadampa Tradition.  This tradition has made the unbroken lineage of Buddhist teaching accessible to modern people.

Sessions are geared towards Kadampa practitioners with some previous experience of meditating in their local center.  However, the event is open to everyone and appropriate instructions will be given by Gen Tilopa, as well as printed sadhanas will be made available for participants to follow.

Participants in this retreat should maintain respectful silence between 9:00pm on Friday and 11:30am on Sunday.   During the period of silence, communications should be kept to absolutely necessary questions or transactions, and questions for the teacher during retreat sessions.

Zendo Brushed 7x96The retreat will be held at the NC Zen Center in Pittsboro.

Address:  390 Ironwood, Pittsboro, NC

Accommodations: There are five dormitory rooms, each capable of sleeping up to four. There is a shower house with separate facilities for men and women, including disability access.  You may choose to stay in the dorms or to commute to the daily sessions and meals from town.

Schedule:   A full retreat schedule is at the bottom of this page.

Pre-registration is required for this retreat.    

The retreat pre-registration closes as of Tuesday October 16th at 5pm, or when we have filled all of the dorm rooms, whichever comes first.   After that time, we cannot accept any more registrations for the retreat.   There are only 20 dorm beds, so if you need to stay in the dorms, please consider registering early.     It is possible to attend the retreat without using the Zen Center’s dorm accomodations (if you want to commute from town or stay locally but not in the dorms), but please be aware that the dorms may fill up quickly.

Registration for retreat – payment

You can choose the PayPal option for the retreat registration that you wish from the drop-down, and click Add to Cart.   Your payment will complete your registration.   We will contact you with further details using the email address that you provide for the PayPal payment.

The retreat option will be sent to us even if you don’t see it in the payment process (i.e., Fri Class, Full Retreat + Room, etc).   

Also, if you register for the retreat only and decide later on to stay with us at the Zen Center,  I added an option to add a room for one night.  If you need two nights you can specify a quantity of (2) in the payment process. 

Retreat Options

We also have full registration forms available at Kosala Center if you wish to register and pay at the center.   We can take cash, check, or credit card.  Zendo_Door_Brushed5x96

Notes on payment:

  • Payment must be made at the time of registration.
  • Accommodation at the Zen Center is $47.00 per night per person.
  • All meals are vegetarian – if you have a special diet or food allergies, please let us know.
  • Foundation members are entitled to a 50% discount off of the class fee (this should be reflected in the PayPal options above).

For more information or special requirements, contact us at meditationinchapelhill@gmail.com or (919) 537-9546.

Full Retreat Schedule

Friday, October 19
5:30 p.m. Registration, Check In
6:30 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. Opening Session
9:30 p.m. Session concludes
Silence begins

Cushions_Brushed 4x96

Saturday, October 20
7:00 a.m. Session 1
8:30 a.m. Breakfast
11:00 a.m. Session 2
12:30 p.m. Break
1:00 p.m. Lunch
2:00 p.m. Free Time
4:00 p.m. Session 3
5:30 p.m. Break
6:00 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. Question & Answer Session
9:00 p.m. Session concludes


Sunday, October 21
7:00 a.m. Session 1
8:30 a.m. Breakfast
10:00 a.m. Session 2
11:30 a.m. Silence ends
12:00 noon Lunch
1:00 p.m. Departure