Contact and Parking

Classes are currently available in-person at the Center.
Please visit individual class pages for information on how to join.




Kosala Buddhist Center
Suite E
711 West Rosemary Street
Carrboro, NC 27510

(Upstairs above Carrburritos)




There is a Carrboro Municipal lot diagonally across Rosemary Street from the Center.   The town recently changed the lot around – the ‘Permit Parking’ spaces on the back row are free on nights after 5:30pm and all weekend, and there are 5 free ‘Carrboro Business’ spaces on the inside curve.   The other ones are paid by the minute, with a pay station next to the road.   Since they made this change, it has been a lot easier to find parking in that lot, since people aren’t just leaving their cars there all the time.

Sometimes the spaces down the side of the street on Rosemary are available.

Also, the first three levels of the parking deck attached to the Hampton Inn across Franklin Street from the Center are free community parking.    The hotel guests park on the upper two levels. The easiest way to park in the hotel deck is to drive in next to Back Alley Bikes (formerly Nice Price Books) from Franklin Street, and park in the first level (for some reason the basement is off limits — I believe this is employee parking).    Then go along the walkway along that side of the hotel, cross the street in front of 401 Main, and go back down Rosemary Street half a block.  Then walk to the entrance to the Carrburritos building (on the side where their parking lot is), then up the stairs to the Kosala Center.  This really doesn’t take that long to walk, only about 3 minutes.