Perfection of Giving Fundraiser 2020-2021


Dear Friends of Kosala Center,

Kosala Center invites you to participate in our Perfection of Giving Campaign and help meet our community’s goal of raising $15,000 this year. For over twelve years Kosala Center has been a stable home of clear and authentic Buddhist teachings and practice in the Chapel Hill / Carrboro community.  Today, Kosala Center is supported by the volunteer efforts of many students and its new resident teacher Ethan Lechner.   Ethan has skillfully supported Kosala Center for years as a student teacher and as support staff, and we are grateful that he has shouldered this new role in order to help Kosala Center flourish.  Having the ability to fund an onsite resident teacher is the direct result of the generosity of Kosala’s supporters.  Class fees alone are not enough to cover the center’s rent and overhead, so additional donations are important.  We invite you to donate to the Center so that your Dharma community can progress to accomplishing our full $15,000 goal for the year ($4000 was raised last year!).

These funds will serve three purposes:

  1. Dharma classes for everyone. Kosala Center is open to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Donations allow us to continue to be able to offer classes to everyone, so that everyone gets an opportunity to learn these extraordinary Buddhist techniques for creating a happy and meaningful life.
  2. Teacher training.   We are raising money to send Ethan to receive training at International Teacher Training and International Buddhist festivals in England, New York, and Australia.   Our goal is to raise $6000 to cover these expenses.
  3. A New Building. We are now in process of searching for a new space to move the Center.  We are seeking a location that can be wheelchair accessible with better parking and larger facilities – including a kitchenette and space for children’s activities.

By your generous giving you can make a lasting impact on many local people.  Each year Kosala Center reaches hundreds of new people, planting seeds of happiness and spiritual growth. For some these seeds ripen into a lifetime of inner growth and outer beneficial actions for our community and our world. By taking the next step in growth, Kosala Center can create the conditions for more people to enjoy the teachings and practice of Buddhadharma and help many more people develop minds of peace and happiness. Plant seeds with Kosala Center this year.  If you share our goals, please make a donation.  Any amount of giving is appreciated.  Donations to the Kosala Center are tax deductible, and documentation for the IRS is provided at request.


Wendy Webber
Kosala Center Education Program Coordinator


How to give:

  • Donations to the Center can be made online through PayPal by clicking on this button:

  • Donations can also be mailed to:

The Kosala Buddhist Center

711 West Rosemary Street,  Ste. E

Carrboro, NC 27510

  • Or you can donate via check or cash at the Center

Questions?   Please send us an email at .