Weekly Classes

Please visit our home page calendar to see the complete class schedule.  Contact us at meditationinchapelhill@gmail.com with questions at any time!


In-person classes are now available at the Center at this time.

Please visit the class links below for more information on each of our classes.


Our regular weekly drop-in classes are:


Kosala Center’s meditation classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.  Everyone is welcome!


Classes run anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half.

The general structure of the class:

  • Simple guided breathing meditation
  • Practical teaching on how to solve problems in daily life
  • Second guided meditation on the teaching topic
  • Brief discussion or Q & A

Attending the class

The classes are organized as short courses, usually spanning several weeks.  You can attend the whole course or simply drop in whenever you can, as each class is self-contained.   Payment is separate per class, or you can do a Monthly Membership and attend all weekly classes for free.

Drop in for any of our weekly meditation classes.  Each class includes guided meditation, practical advice based on Buddhist wisdom, and time for discussion.  If you would like more information or help, please contact us at meditationinchapelhill@gmail.com.

By training in meditation we will learn to develop inner peace, giving us the ability to stay happy and positive all the time, even in difficult circumstances.  These classes are suitable for individuals of all levels of interest, from those who just wish to explore the practice of Buddhist meditation, to those who are interested in learning more about the rich spiritual traditions of Buddhism.  All classes are on a drop-in basis, with no need to have attended the previous classes in any given series.