Meditation and Modern Buddhism (Wednesday nights)

With the current masking requirements, we can’t do in-person classes at the Center at this time.
So weekly classes are still online via Zoom for now.


Wednesdays from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

With Buddhist teacher Ethan Lechner

Cost:  $10 (free with with a Basic Membership)

Registration Required (details below)

Payment is separate from registration.   You can pay by making a donation to Kosala through PayPal.


A Drop-in Program of Self-Development

Meditation and Modern Buddhism is for anyone interested in the Buddhist way of contemplating and meditating on life’s challenges and opportunities.  The purpose is to help people find peace and happiness in everyday life.

Each class includes guided meditations, teachings on Buddhist thought, and discussion. Since these Drop-In classes are designed both as a series and as stand-alone classes, you are welcome to attend each week or at any time.  No prior experience or commitment is required.




Zoom Registration

For security reasons, we are asking for people to register with name and email for classes in Zoom.  Please click here to register for Meditation and Modern Buddhism.  

Once your registration is approved, you will be sent a link to join in email.

Payment is separate, please see below.

If you register for any weekday class, you will be registered for that date as well as future occurrences.

Please register at least an hour before the first time you attend this class. If you register within an hour before the class, we may not see the registration to approve it, and you may not be able to attend.


If you previously registered for a class and lost your registration, we are happy to re-send registrations for any given weekly class. You can either re-register for the weekly class or you can contact us at and we can re-send you the link.


Once you are registered for the class series, you can join one of two ways:

    1. Keep the copy of the confirmation email and join from the link that says “Click Here to Join”
    2. Log in to your Zoom account with your registered email address and join manually with the Meeting ID from the confirmation email.
Zoom is also requiring us to have people in the a Waiting Room initially. But we’ll admit you from the Waiting Room as fast as we can when you join.


You will need to download Zoom and install.  You want the Zoom Client for Meetings (top link).

  • If you have a Monthly Membership with Kosala, this class is free to attend.
  • If you don’t have a Monthly Membership with Kosala, we are asking for people to please pay the usual class cost, which is $10. 
    • We know that these are hard financial times for some people, so if you can’t pay the full amount, please pay what you can.
  • You can pay by making a donation to Kosala through PayPal

We will open up the Zoom meeting about 15 minutes ahead of time.

You can unmute yourself to ask questions, but please keep Zoom muted generally to keep out background noise. Or you can type questions in to the chat window if you prefer.



Our Current Class Series:

The Buddhist Mindfulness Solution

The great Buddhist philosopher Shantideva says,
 “….if the elephant of our mind 
Is bound tightly on all sides by the rope of mindfulness,
All fears will cease to exist
And all virtues will fall into our hands.”


We experience daily stress, anxiety, and irritation. Then life brings bigger sufferings, such as severe illness, loss, and uncertainty.

Buddha’s teachings offer solutions that have been accomplished by countless meditators over thousands of years. We, too, can accomplish solutions to our problems, by learning to more clearly look within. Through these methods we can experience deep inner peace and a meaningful life of bringing benefit to others.

Kadampa Buddhist Ethan Lechner will share teachings on mindfulness and alertness from the ancient Buddhist poem Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by the great practitioner Shantideva. Each class will include guided meditations to help students apply these teachings practically.



January 12th – Replacing Fear and Anxiety with a Virtuous Mind

January 19th – The Peace that Comes from Letting Go

January 26th – The Moral Discipline of Checking Within


Drop in anytime, Everyone is welcome!

Questions? Please email us at